Monday, 27 January 2014

I feel my Spider Sense Tingling!!

Created using both Illustrator and Photoshop.

So loving the paint tool on illustrator, smooth lines.......  love it!

Just wish I could use it as well as photoshop... oh well, its just a time thing..

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Stooey the Pooey Tui.... Finished..... Yay!

It's been emotional, blood sweat and tears....

Well not so much blood, sweat even!

A few tears and interruptions from other work requirements, but it's done.


And you know what I really like it!

I think its fun, which is the name of the game for me, the illustrations are bright and cheerful, which is another bonus, the story rolls along and is funny, which is what I am hoping to communicate across.

So fingers crossed it will do well on the charts and people want to buy yet book.

If you enjoyed wonky donkey, the. You will probably enjoy this one.

Go on, treat yourself!

Friday, 25 October 2013

And now for something completely different.....

So not to get too boring I guess and maybe there isn't always things to discuss or blog about in the illustrating World for me, I decided to give you a little insight into the inner Paul.

My career path has predominantly been in a physically taxing environment, starting with the British Army and the n the Police, so keeping fit was important and indoctrinated from an early age.

Taken that I know I am a little lazy at best I have decided that now I drive a desk, I need to try and stay in some sort of shape.

And round is not the best shape , contrary to populate belief!

So I went out and bought a set of DVD's, not good at running I feel I have to go really, really early so people are not put off by the strangely red shaded dumbass, having a stroke and heart attack on the side of the road.

So the DVD's....

Well I bought 'insanity' by Shaun T, 13 DVD's of torture, that I paid good money for!! But after the first week has finished and sticking to it religiously I feel a little better and the boss (wife) has already seen a positive change in my physique, I haven't but I have sweated a bucket load of water all over the lounge carpet..... The program is 6 days a week, he gives you Sunday off...... How nice eh? But I really recommend it, it's interesting and hard enough to make you push yourself, it's also refreshing to see the people in the DVD, although they look fit, are struggling to keep up with the program..... Ha ha that'll teach you!

I shall keep you posted, if I don't keel over any time soon.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Getting the Goat!

Okay so I finished my latest project.... Illustrating the Goats head in the middle of this film poster.

the story is all about the Goat that was elected as president in Whangamomona back in 1999.

A film by Wangawood soon to be released based on the following events:

Extract from Wikipedia.

In 1989 regional council boundaries were redrawn, with an emphasis on connected catchments. These revised maps made Whangamomona part of the Manawatu-Wanganui Region. Residents objected, as they wanted to continue being part of the Taranaki Region, and on 1 November 1989, they responded by declaring themselves the "Republic of Whangamomona" at the first Republic Day. Though the move began as a pointed protest, the town continued to hold a celebratory Republic Day once a year, during which a vote for President was held. The day has become a local festival day, and attracts visitors from throughout the North Island. In 2001, the celebration became biennial, held in January to take advantage of the summer weather.

Billy Gumboot the Goat (1999–2001)
First elected animal. He won election by eating the other challengers ballots. He died in office after serving for 18 months.

I for one am really looking forward to this film, I reckon its gonna be awesome, the poster is pretty awesome already!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Clash of clans

So is anyone playing 'clash of clans' on the iOS?

I have become addicted, so much so that I find myself jumping on every few minutes to see if I've got enough for the next big upgrade to my base, or if there's enough troop presence to go and raid another players base!

Then there's the social element to it, if you can call it social as I know nothing much about my clansmen?! But I find myself striking up conversation and making sure I donate as many troops as possible to my new found 'friends'

It's really sad, in a good way, that such a very simple game in the light of today's technological advancements can be so addictive, forget you playstation 4, give me the iPad anyday the nature and content of some of the 'free' games just blows the competition away

Gotta go now see if my base is okay, got attacked yesterday and they really creamed me!